Ribbon Cut Vs. Random Cut

When cutting a puzzle, you have two primary options to choose for puzzle piece shape – ribbon cut and random cut.

Ribbon cut puzzles cut pieces on a grid – there are clear lines both vertically and horizontally in the puzzle. This means you could build the puzzle line by line at a time. It also means the shape and size of your individual pieces will be fairly consistent.

Random cut puzzles do not follow a grid. Each piece is individually shaped. When it’s being built, you’d likely be developing clusters of pieces rather than lines of pieces. Check out this image for a greater explanation.

Random cut puzzles can offer a greater challenge for larger puzzles where audiences may be anticipating a more traditional ribbon cut, but it may also be an added benefit in smaller puzzles because there is little risk of confusing where a piece may go.

How to Choose

How do you choose which cut will be right for your next puzzle? Talk it through with your manufacturer. They’ll be able to help you decide what’s right for you.

If you’re looking to add a little intrigue to your next puzzle design, customers will love the challenge a random cut puzzle presents! Learn more about what random cut could mean for your next puzzle. For more information, call us today: 765-675-2323.

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