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We are not a broker.

Brokers must rely on a series of outside suppliers to deliver their components on time to an assembler. Only then can you ship to your customer. Package Right is not a broker. You call us, we make and ship. It's that simple.

Another distinct advantage is our short order-cycle time. Your profits are maximized because you are not investing in inventory. We make running changes in stride. When you consider your "all-in" costs we can compare favorably with the so-called "low-cost" countries. You will never miss a sales opportunity late in the year because demand for your products exceeds your forecast. Nor will you ever have a full warehouse or a container on the water when the dreaded item-cancellation or specifications-change notice comes from your customer.

Our primary competitive advantage is our commitment to excellent customer service. We provide you with personalized communication so that your order process is always easy, your orders are right, your deliveries are quick and on time. You are never lost in a voice-mail maze.

We assist you in product design/engineering, and materials specifications. Then we handle all special materials sourcing and any other services you may need. Our mid-west location contributes toward low-cost shipping.