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Can Package Right really compete with products made overseas?
Yes, in many cases when you consider the total cost of your product (that is, the unit purchase price + delivery costs + inventory carrying costs + cost of risk of obsolescence + cost of stock-outs) your costs from us are actually lower. Because of our short order-cycle time we can produce smaller lots with great frequency. Your cash is in the bank, not in your warehouse.
Some companies in this business are brokers. Does that make a difference?
Yes, when you work with Package Right you are dealing directly with the people who will schedule, manufacture and ship your product. Ask yourself, “Does this matter to me when I have a 3-day shipping window from my customers?”
If my current manufacturer has one or two customers that provide over half of their annual sales, what could happen to my needs during the peak demand periods?
These primary customers will likely determine manufacturing priorities during the busy periods. Ask your manufacturer, “Does any one customer represent more than 25% of your sales? Will I risk being “left out” when a big customer is making demands?” We at Package Right work closely with our customers to help determine their production needs, develop their forecasts and set aside production capacity to ensure a steady flow of products.
Aren’t there a lot of companies that die cut puzzles or make games? Why should we partner ourselves with Package Right?
Some of our manufacturing competitors claim to be “private label only”, but are actually competing with their customers in the marketplace with secret brand name products. Ask yourself, “If I work with them, how secret are my ideas really? If they get busy, will my products be made first? How safe is my customer list?” It is a question of trust and reliability and we believe that we are your answer. We never have had and never will have our own product line.
Package Right says it can help me maximize my profits. How do you do this?
In addition to offering “design for manufacture” assistance, our factory can produce every kind of puzzle and game you are likely to have in your line. Some of our competitors can do one or the other or a little of both. Maybe they outsource some, too. We can do it all. You can consolidate all your production needs at Package Right and lower your costs (shipping, inventory, backorders, etc). You make more money!
I buy everything really cheap overseas. How could an American supplier benefit me?
Even in the instance when your product’s demand is stable and the above risks are low, you may still want a domestic supplier to supplement your offshore supply. This will ensure that you can meet unexpected demand that exceeds your forecast—you won’t miss a single holiday-season sales opportunity.
I’ve heard that Package Right is just for the big companies in the Toy Industry. Do you work with companies that are just starting out?
Yes, while Package Right works with many of the major players in the Toy Industry, we also work with some small companies. We can run any quantity of an item, but sometimes small quantities are not economically feasible. Typically our game manufacturing starts to make economic sense when a customer orders more than 7,500 games. We can manufacture as few as 2,500 puzzles at a time and still keep your prices competitive. Let us provide you with information that helps you make the decision that is best for you.