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Package Right was founded in 1991 to serve the needs of established marketers in the board game and jigsaw puzzle segments of the toy industry. Among our customers are many of the best known, most respected brand names of puzzles and games on the market. They trust us to help them compete effectively and grow their businesses. We have attained an internationally significant position in the private-label-manufacturing arena within our industry.

We take great pride in exceeding our customers' expectations. We "get it" and our customers profit from our expertise. Our entire staff is committed to excellence.

Under the direction of our team, we offer "design-for-manufacture" assistance that ensures your products are consistently produced with reliably high quality at the lowest attainable cost.

We can bring your product from final design to market in as little as three weeks. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that running changes are never a problem.

Among our many competitive advantages is our promise to never develop or market our own line of products. We adhere to high ethical standards when serving our customers. You can be assured that we will not share information about you with our other customers.

Our Staff

John T. Smith, President

John will walk you from product concept to completion. His goal is to minimize your costs, improve your products and maximize your sales opportunities. John leads a management team that combines for more than 150 years of industry experience. He is committed to personally ensuring that we deliver on our promises.

Bob Ferguson, Vice President

Bob joined Package Right in 1995. Bob's expertise in engineering and equipment help us to ensure that when we make a promise it is going to happen. Bob's knowledge of each of our processes allows Package Right to push the limits of equipment capabilities so that we are always on the cutting edge of technology.

Jay Smale, Sales

Jay has 25 years of experience in printing, including puzzle and game production layout. Mike Cassidy and Jay have worked together since Package Right's first day of business. Jay will make sure that you and your products are handled with the utmost of care for a seamless transition from product idea to shipment.

Margaret Schrumpf, National Sales Manager

Margaret has over 20 years of experience in the puzzle and game industry. She is the former owner of Cal Box Inc., a well-respected private label manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles. Margaret and Cal Box joined the Package Right family in 2004.

Holly Haskett, Customer Service Manager

Cyndee leads our team of professional customer service representatives who are committed to delivering unsurpassed service to every customer. Cyndee personally manages every customer relationship to ensure their needs are translated into superior performance.